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Paradiso Terms & Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully prior to any booking on this website. Paradiso Hostel guarantees that the room rates available on this website are the lowest available except special promotions. By making a booking via this website, you confirm you accept these Terms and Conditions.

1. Arrivals and Departures

New arrivals can check into their rooms after 2pm each day. Guests may arrive earlier and leave their luggage at the hostel but access to rooms will not be granted until after 2pm.

Departing guests must remove all their belongings from their room, and check out, before 10am. After this time guests may make use of the luggage storage room and other outdoor facilities.

Guest with a booking will not be charge the entrance fees if they come to Paradiso earlier the day of check-in and if the leave later the day of check-out.

People who are coming to Paradiso to spend the day will be charge an entrance fee. The stay is possible from 8:30am until 8pm, to stay out of this schedule they will need a special permission from the management.

2. Check-In

In accordance with the Nicaraguan law we do require a valid Passport, or Nicaraguan I.D. card (cedula). Name, surname, document number, date of birth, nationality and period of stay will be reported to the INTUR and National ministry of Migration.

3. Check-Out

Check out is at 10am and guests must hand all keys back to reception. As explain in #1: after this time guests may make use of the luggage storage facilities but all possessions must be removed from the room.

4. Age Restrictions

Bookings cannot be accepted from any person under the age of 18.

Children under 16-years-old must stay with a parent or legal guardian in a private room (not in shared dorms). Groups of minor could be hosted under special agreement and always accompanied by an adult, in this case if the group want to book a shared dormitory then it must privatise it completely.

Any person between the age of 16 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) who is staying in the same dorm/room.

Paradiso has a Bar serving alcoholic beverage to its customers. No alcohol will ever be sold or offered to any person under the age of 18. It is strictly forbidden to any person to provide alcohol to a minor.

Unlike some hostels, we do not have an upper age limit. Most of our guests are backpackers in the 18 to 30 age range. Please be aware that you may be assigned a top bunk. If you wish to be assigned to a bottom bunk then please email.

5. Room Allocation

At Paradiso we take great care to allocate beds in a way we think will be best for each customers booking. Please note that when buying dorm beds from any web site it does not automatically mean that all the guests on that booking will be in the same room. Although we try to allocate all the guests on each booking to the same room this is not always possible and you should contact customer service with the booking reference if you would like a guarantee.

6. Guest Behaviour

The comfort, safety and security of our guests is of paramount importance to Paradiso Hostel. Any guest(s) who, in the opinion of our staff, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other guests, staff or local residents will be requested to leave the hostel premises and will not be offered a refund. Guests are expected to respect other guests, staff, local residents and property. In the case of groups, the group leaders must ensure that all members of their group behave in an acceptable manner. Failure of any individual group member to do so will result in the expulsion of the whole group.

7. Smoking

Smoking is not permitted within the Paradiso premises, except some designed areas. Any guest found smoking within the building will be asked to stop immediately, if repeated they will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will not be offered a refund. Smoking areas are specified with a sign and must be respected.

8. Personal Property

Guests are asked to use the secure lockers in the dorms and lock their room door at any time. Valuables can be stored in reception in a safe when asked. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that their personal belongings are secure at all times. Paradiso accepts no liability for the loss, theft or damage to property.

9. Paradiso Property’s

Guests will be expected to reimburse Paradiso for any damages caused by inappropriate behaviour during their stay at Paradiso.

10. Keys

Upon check-in guests will receive a key for access to their room or dorm locker. These keys must be handed back to reception on check out. Failure to return it will result in a $5.00 charge which may be charged against the customer’s credit card.

11. Liability

Paradiso’s liability remains, at all times, limited to the value of the services booked, excluding any amendment charges paid to us.

11.1 The laguna de Apoyo is a public open water area, by its nature presents risks. By entering the laguna guests accept that they are acting at their own risk and that Paradiso shall not be liable for any injury or any other matter suffered by them in the session or as a result of the session (including without limitation for any water borne diseases and/or any injuries caused by wildlife in/on the water).

The water toys (kayaks, paddleboard, floating donuts, floating platform…) are fragile and may break. Life jackets are provided and their use is mandatory. Swimmers and users of the water toys are responsible for their safety, actions and behaviour on any part of the site.

Every person enter the water and use the water toys entirely at their own risk and Paradiso shall not be liable for any accidents or injuries they sustain.

It is the guests’ responsibility to ensure they are medically fit to swim or use the water toys.

11.2 Photographic illustrations displayed on the web site are not legally binding. Although every effort is made to ensure that photographs, graphic illustrations and texts describing the hotels on the web site provide an accurate portrayal of the accommodation on offer, variations are liable to occur, in particular due to the renewal of furniture and other refurbishments. Clients may not enter any claims due to such changes.

11.3 The property cannot be held responsible for the non-performance or improper performance of the booking in the event of force majeure, actions of third parties, actions of the customer or of its partners, such as unavailability of the Internet, impossibility to access to the website, external intrusion, computer viruses, or in case of prepayment not authorised by the cardholder’s bank.

11.4 The property shall be held harmless for any consequential damage resulting from these Terms and Conditions, namely loss of business, whether due to a third party, to the Client or to the Client’s partners.

11.5 Hypertext links citing the property name may lead to other sites than the website of the property therefore accepts no liability regarding the content of such other sites or the services therein offered.

11.6 Any booking or payment which may prove to be improper, ineffective, incomplete or fraudulent due to the Client’s actions or behaviour shall result in the cancellation of the booking for the Client’s account, without prejudice to any civil or criminal proceedings which may be undertaken against the Client.

11.7 The property reserves the right to close down its website or the online booking area, temporarily or permanently, without notice.

11.8 The property shall be held harmless for any damage whatsoever due to such changes and/or due to the temporary or permanent closing down of all or part of the web site or of the services therein, such as the online booking area.

12. Personal Information

Paradiso shall only store and use information you supply to us or which is supplied to us for the purposes of carrying out our contract with you and to inform you of other services and offers which we make available from time to time. If you do not wish to receive such information please let us know by contacting customer service or by writing to us at any of the addresses to our venues.

As written in #2, your personal information (name, document number, date of birth, nationality and period of stay) will be given to the Local Department of the ministry of tourism and to the National ministry of migration according to the Nicaraguan law.

13. Errors and Omissions

Any omission or errors in sales literature, web pages or site, order form, quotation, price list, order acknowledgement, despatch note, invoice or other document issued by us may be corrected by us without liability. We will advise you of any changes at the time of booking or as soon as is reasonably possible thereafter.

14. Discretion

All bookings are subject to availability and Paradiso reserves the right to decline any booking at its discretion.

15. Late Cancellation Charges

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy meaning that we need to be notified before 2pm the day prior to the arrival of any cancellation or changing of a reservation. At the day of check-in, upon payment, there will be no refunds given. The first night of your booking will be fully charged.

16. Late departure:

In the case of a late departure, Paradiso reserves the right to charge for a further nights stay at the appropriate rack rate of the bed(s). Management discretion will apply.

17. Non-refundable bookings:

Non-refundable bookings cannot be cancelled or modified without incurring a charge equal to the full value of the reservation. Payment for the full value of non-refundable bookings is required at the time of booking, failure to supply a valid payment card or if we are unable to obtain payment from the card at the time of making the booking will result in the booking being cancelled.

18. Maximum Stay:

Paradiso operates no maximum stay policy. However guests are able to stay longer than 14 total days only under agreement of the management team. The guest who is staying more than 7 days will be asked to clear his bill at least every 7 days. The availability is guaranteed only upon previous booking.